About Us

We don’t operate the same as your normal junk removal company. And we don’t want to.

Hudson Valley Junk Removal was founded in 2020 to make it quick, easy, and affordable to get unwanted stuff hauled away. While those sound like the common keywords spoken by junk removers, we actually mean it. Here’s how:


We aren’t just a couple guys with a truck. Our phone lines don’t go unanswered because we’re out on a job.

We are a network of the Hudson Valley’s hundreds of junk removal businesses. Our leads get directed to the closest junk removers in your area so we can find you someone to remove your clutter ASAP. You won’t be sitting around for long – this way we can get business moving and your junk gone.


It’s not fair to make potential clients call around the first couple pages of Google or Yelp to find a single person who can provide junk removal services. It’s not fair to make people in need of junk removal services wait around wondering if they’re request will be answered.

We make the junk removal process as simple as possible for our customers. To do so, we enable our customers to give us as much information as possible up front. We will read through every item you need removed and make sure it can be removed simply and safely. We even allow our customers to upload photos to make things easier. So even if your job is clearing a backyard of waste or random construction debris, just snap a photo and we’ll know exactly what to do with it.


Most junk removers won’t give you a quote upfront. This is simply because they aren’t positive they know how much the job will cost to complete. These considerations include the size & amount of junk, the distance to & from the job site, the cost of junk disposal, and the cost of labor. Of course, these factors change between each job, so waiting until arriving at a job to provide a quote just makes things easier.

So how does Hudson Valley Junk Removal make the process more affordable? By providing our leads to multiple junk removal companies at a time, we’re able to create a fair market for both customers and service providers.